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Accumulated inflation around 60%, unemployment above 12% and the currency in record devaluation against the dollar. Along with the scenario of economic deterioration, the country is experiencing the conflict between President Alberto Fernández and his vice, Cristina Kirchner – a feud that reached its apex in recent days, with the resignation of the Minister of Economy at the same time that Cristina was giving a speech. criticizing the country’s economic policy. “The government is paralyzed”, summarizes Janaína Fernandes in a conversation with Natuza Nery in this episode. A special reporter for the newspaper O Globo, Janaína describes the “epidemic of disillusionment” experienced on Argentine soil. Straight from Buenos Aires, she narrates how the population looks for work outside the country, to receive in other currencies. And he recalls how the conflict between president and vice is old (going through the 2021 legislative elections) – resuming a friction of the first Kirchner government, still in 2008. midst of the crisis is the agreement with the IMF. Supported by the president, the agreement now has no guarantees of being fulfilled, in the face of a Central Bank “zero” of reserves.

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The podcast The Subject is produced by: Mônica Mariotti, Isabel Seta, Tiago Aguiar, Lorena Lara, Gabriel de Campos, Luiz Felipe Silva, Thiago Kaczuroski, Gustavo Honório and Eto Osclighter. Presentation: Renata Lo Prete.

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