Justice League wins beautiful individual posters

Several incredible posted features of the animated feature were revealed on Wednesday (6) DC Super Pets League. The posters are of the superheroes of the Justice Leaguefrom the journalist Lois Lane and the villain Lex Luthor.


The posters accompany the names of the actors who give voices to the characters in the original version of the animation and personalized phrases for each human in the film. Check out:

“High, Clark and Bonito”

John Krasinski and the Super man.

“Bruce is out”

Keanu Reeves and the Batman.

“Out of its league”

Jameela Jamil and the Wonder Woman

“Keep yourself”

John Early and the Flash.

“Ready to shine”

POLANCO DASCHA and the Green Lantern.

“He had some work done”

Daveed Diggs and the Cyborg.

“Bring a towel”

Jemaine Clement and the Aquaman.

“Life in the fast lane”

Olivia Wilde and the Lois Lane.

“Smooth Criminal”

Marc Maron It is Lex Luthor.

Beyond these actors, DC Super Pets League is starring The rock Like the Krypto Supercão, Kevin Hart like Ace bat and other hollywood stars who voice other super-powered anims.

In the plot, the Justice League is kidnapped, and Krypto will have to assemble a team of Super-Pets to save the world and of course, the League’s superheroes, including their beloved Superman.

A.D League of Super Pets premieres on July 28 in Brazilian cinemas.

Check out the first dubbed trailer for the animation:

Follow the DC’s legacy and learn all about dcnauts animations.

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