Mano used Real Madrid as inspiration for comeback

Inter are in the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana. Today, they beat Colo-Colo by 4 to 1, in Beira-Rio, turning around, and advanced in the competition. After the match, coach Mano Menezes said the team was prepared and said he used Real Madrid as an example.

The game mentioned by the coach took place in the Champions League. At the time, the Spanish team had lost the first leg of the semifinals to Manchester City. In the return game, he started behind, but managed to turn it around with three goals at the end of the match.

“The team was very well prepared for the game. If they weren’t, when they conceded the goal they would despair, or even surrender. That’s not what we saw. We worked a lot on that”, said Mano.

“We used examples of great teams that needed this. They conceded a goal and turned in a few minutes. I used the example of Real [Madrid] in Champions. I wanted the team to fight to the end, that was the main theme. We knew it would have to be that way. Congratulations to everyone because they understood and felt the crowded Beira-Rio environment again. We are very satisfied,” he added.

Inter had a scare right at the beginning of the game. Costa’s goal took the advantage of the Chileans, who had won the first leg 2-0, to three goals. But, in the excitement of the crowd, Colorado piled up the goals that guaranteed the spot.

“Who leads a group, like me, always takes great care not to get too excited when a big victory like this happens, because it could not have happened and we couldn’t cry too much if it didn’t happen. We would have to understand the reasons and stay strong in our season, which would not end. In the same way, I cannot find things bigger than they are. The victory was big, very important, it’s great to see Beira-Rio like this, but tomorrow we’ll start working with an eye on the next opponent” , he added.

Inter’s next opponent will come out of the duel between Melgar and Deportivo Cali, scheduled for tomorrow. The first leg ended 0-0.

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