Math teacher takes 11 years, but builds solar-powered car

Image: Playback/Twitter/@basiitzargar

An Indian math teacher has gone viral on social media after building a solar-powered electric car — a project that took 11 years.

Bilal Ahmed, who lives in Srinagar, Kashmir, has set himself a goal to build a “luxury” and sustainable vehicle that is not just for the super-rich. His face resembles a DeLorean, a classic car from the movie “Back to the Future”, as you can see below.

Image: Playback/Twitter/@basiitzargar

To make the car, Ahmed opted for monocrystalline solar panels, where each photovoltaic (PV) cell is made from a single crystal of silicon. These produce more kilowatt-hours of electricity than the other main type of solar receiver, polycrystalline panels.

The high capacity to generate electricity even with minimal solar energy is a great advantage, considering where the powerful will circulate – the Kashmir region in India is one of the coldest in the country.

Image: Playback/Twitter/@basiitzargar

A design feature is that the car has “gull wings”, which open upwards. However, this innovation is not to travel in time — as Dr. Brown wanted — but to allow the doors to capture as much sunlight as possible, facing the sky. Ahmed explains that the panels can change direction as the sun moves, operated by remote control.

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The Indian professor estimates that he spent around R$100,000. How are you, Elon Musk?

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