Mineirão: ‘what hurt me was to see my son crying’, says robbed fan

I look at my wallet, my cell phone, what to wear and even my accessories. Fans who attend Mineirão for a football match have to keep an eye out not only on the team on the field, but also on the action of criminals who have committed crimes on the esplanade and even inside the stadium in Belo Horizonte. Reports of thefts/robberies and cases of harassment have been commonplace among the regulars, who should have collected memories of a game of the favorite team, but who end up returning home with pain, losses and a feeling of indignation.

Atlético’s 1-0 victory over Emelec, which sealed Galo’s sequence in the Libertadores Cup, had a bitter taste for journalist and vice president of the Minas Gerais Association of Sports Chroniclers (AMCE), Ubirajara Marinho, aka Bira. Attacked with punches and kicks in the middle of the Mineirão esplanade from behind, on Tuesday night (5), when he was returning home, the athletican had chains and cell phones stolen, an estimated loss of BRL 30,000. “What hurt me the most was seeing my son’s face crying,” said Bira, who was walking beside the 7-year-old boy towards the bathroom when he was approached by criminals.

“It all happened very fast. I was approached from behind. I think I got punched in the head and that’s when I fell. I still got kicked and only after a lot of fright I managed to get up and run out of the Mineirão, when I told the police that supported me,” Bira told THE TIME Sports. He also shared the case on social media, and several fans took a stand saying that thefts have been constant inside and outside Mineirão on match days.

“Last year (2021), in the first game with an audience between Atlético and River, my cell phone and that of many people were stolen. “The truth is that today you go to Mineirão and you don’t know if you’re going to come back with your belongings, or even if you come back in one piece. There is no security, not even inside the stadium, much less on the Esplanade”, commented another fan, who reports last matches, even fans who do not have a ticket can access the Esplanade, as this initial control at the turnstiles is flawed.

Former player Fabrício, 39, also used social media to report theft of his cell phone that took place in Mineirão before the game between Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta, on June 16. “Now I have lived more with the fans, I know what they go through, so many difficulties they face. Difficulties that fans go through to never leave the team alone. And then the guy still has to worry about robbery. damn, people who didn’t even finish paying”, he lamented, at the time. The device was eventually recovered by the police a day after the incident.

The vice president of AMCE has not yet registered a report on the incident. He is recovering from the injuries and, he told the report that as soon as he recovers from them and from the fright, he will look for the Military Police to register what happened.

“The pain in the knee, in the hands and in the arm will go away. What doesn’t go away and here is the message for the authorities, those who would have to do the security of the stadium, which in this case is Minas Arena, is the worst pain that I feel, which is to remember my son, his despair, traumatized, crying in Mineirão”, he added.


Sought by the report, Minas Arena said that three cases of theft were recorded in the game between Galo and Emelec for the Copa Libertadores this Tuesday (5th). In addition, Mineirão commented that more than 500 private security guards were at Atlético’s match, however, they have no police action. Read the note:

Mineirão informs that it received from the Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG) a report with three internal occurrences of thefts that occurred in the match between Atlético and Emelec, this Tuesday (5), for the Copa Libertadores. Mineirão regrets the reported cases and is available to security authorities to collaborate with investigations.

Mineirão reinforces the request for fans to register the incident report so that the authorities take the necessary measures. The stadium has a police station on duty, on match days, which works next to the Special Criminal Court (Jecrim), located near the G2 parking lot.

The match between Atlético and Emelec, with an audience of over 56,000 fans, had 549 private security guards. It is important to note that the security guards do not have a police role. The stadium also has 365 surveillance cameras that assist in monitoring and are available to police authorities.“, said the stadium.


In the match between Atlético and Flamengo, which had an audience of 53,953, the expense with private security at the Minas Arena was R$ 243,511.50, as described in the bordero. In this Tuesday’s game (5), 56,421 were present, but the document with information on the amount spent on security had not yet been released by Conmebol.


In the match between Atlético and Santos, on June 11, two cases of sexual harassment were recorded. One man was arrested. Remember here.

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