Mineiro and Cruzeiro are close to an agreement for games this year, says director

photo: Disclosure / Mineiro

Mineiro and Cruzeiro are close to an agreement

Minas Arena and Cruzeiro are close to an agreement for games in Mineiro until the end of this year. The contract, which should be signed soon, would guarantee the celestial club the use of the stadium on dates set for home matches, with the exception of those already reserved for other events.

“We decided together that we are going to sign, this year, a contract until the end of the year so that we can negotiate how Cruzeiro will participate in Mineiro, whether with shared management, or with only football games, or with a project a little more audacious”, said the director of Minas Arena,

Until the end of 2022, there are six dates reserved for other events (musical shows, for example) that can coincide with Cruzeiro matches in the Brazilian Championship or the Copa do Brasil, if the team qualifies in the knockout competition.

Celestial manager, former player Ronaldo personally handles negotiations to try to improve conditions for Cruzeiro in the use of the stadium. The majority partner of SAF tries to reduce operating costs and obtain values ​​related to cabins, topics not covered in the contract to be signed.

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