Mineiro director comments on Atltico’s rejection note: ‘Laughs a lot’

Samuel Lloyd participated in the Superesportes Interview and commented on the rep note
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Samuel Lloyd participated in the Superesportes Interview and commented on the Atltico’s rejection note

“Laughs a lot”: that’s how Samuel Lloyd, director of Mineiro, reacted to a disapproval note published by Atltico last Monday (4th). The Galo polemicized by showing “indignation” with a joke made by Gigante da Pampulha on social networks.

“Guys, how do I comment on this? Because I laughed a lot, to tell you the truth. I laughed at everything. I laughed at the situation, I laughed at the memes, I laughed at the repercussion of the press itself. I think the press itself had a bad repercussion Atltico’s score, after all”, he revealed.

“I think it was a note made in the heat of emotion. That’s what I have to say. In several events I go to, at CBF, for example, Mineiro’s digital communication is always revered, as a reference. (… ) Our communication takes a lot of value from this moment we are living”, he added.

Note does not change the good relationship between Mineiro and Atltico

Anyway, according to Lloyd, the day-to-day between Gigante da Pampulha and the clubs “a peace”. Not even the note of repudiation of the Atltico would be able to alter the peaceful character of the relationship between the parties.

“When they announced the signing, the internet itself started making these memes about the Pavn. Supporters of Atltico themselves did that. I think it’s football stuff, they’re everyday things. I think this in no way hinders Atltico’s relationship and miner,” he said.

“The real, institutional, day-to-day relationship between Mineiro and the clubs is a peace. supersports.

Boca paid the damage?

Samuel Lloyd explained that the club that hires Mineiro’s services is the one who pays for possible losses incurred during the games. The director of Gigante da Pampulha praised Atltico’s stance in this regard and said he did not know whether the Argentines had settled their debt with Galo.

“I don’t know (if Boca paid), because Boca would have to pay Atltico. When a home club hires Mineiro, he is responsible for all damages. Atltico took care of everything. Atltico is impeccable in all payments He always honored all his commitments to Mineiro. So, at this point, we have absolutely nothing to say”, he guaranteed.

“If it’s time for the Mineiro to make a mistake, the Mineiro will apologize – as I did now in the case of the women’s restrooms, what a mistake. That’s a mistake. We make a reference to a case that I find deplorable in the history of Mineiro, which is that confusion”, supersports.

Atltico’s note of repudiation to Mineiro

Galo demonstrates its indignation with the posting of Mineiro’s profile on its social networks, right after the announcement of striker Pavn, made yesterday by Atltico.

It is unacceptable for Mineiro to play a role like this, in the face of a great signing for Brazilian football, and that will enhance the shows, including in Mineiro itself.

The stadium’s profile exceeded the limits of common sense and lacked respect for the player and our institution.

Mineiro should focus its energies on providing better service to the fans, inside and outside the stadium; take care of the condition of the lawn; work with the authorities to seek solutions for chaotic traffic; and worrying about reviewing the high costs that clubs have to play there, instead of seeking engagement at any price, with offensive and disrespectful posts, which only devalue Minas Gerais football.“.

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