Monaco warns Jean Lucas that he will do everything to buy Palmeiras’ titleholder and ex-Flamengo’s hands are tied

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Verdão wants to do everything to not lose the player this season

- Jean Lucas
© (Photo: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)– Jean Lucas

Danilo is a very above average player in the Brazilian football. As much as he has not returned from the Brazilian national team at the same level, the midfielder is still very important to coach Abel Ferreira, who has already “tired” of praising him many times, even more so because he is the one who dictates the pace of the game. and brings a balance between defense and offense.

This Tuesday (6th), journalist Jorge Nicola brought an exclusive about the arrival of Monaco for the hiring of Danilo. The news is already going viral on the web and having a lot of repercussions among Palestinian fans, who don’t want to lose the player revealed at the club’s base soon, even more if it’s for lower than expected values.

This information was confided to me by a person from the market who assures that Jean Lucas, a Brazilian ex-Flamengo and Santos, who belongs to Monaco, would have even been warned about Monaco’s intention to replace him with the arrival of Danilo. Although this negotiation is one of the most complex, Palmeiras has been pressing the key that they will not sell Danilo in this transfer window (…)”, revealed the commentator on his YouTube channel.

Nicola kept talking about it.: “(…) I even asked a source of mine before recording this video, even if an offer of 30 million euros arrives, it’s a deal. This person from Palmeiras assured that there is no agreement. Leila is determined to keep the main players of Palmeiras (…)”, he added before concluding.

(…) There is important information. Giuliano Bertolucci, who is Danilo’s manager, is very close to the Monaco owner, and has made several deals with the club. (…) I repeat, unless you offer a lot of money, there should be no agreement (for now)”, said Nicola.

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