New film with Viola Davis tells the story of the Amazons as black women warriors


The Woman King or A Mulher Rei, in Portuguese, a new film with Viola Davis had the official trailer released this Wednesday (06) by Sony. The film tells the story of the Agojie, an army of black women warriors who were responsible for defending the kingdom of Dahomey, in West Africa, in present-day Benin during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in the fight against French colonists.

The film must reach cinemas on september 16, but it is already described by Viola Davis and the filmmaker Prince-Bythewood as an unprecedented drama regarding the representation of dark-skinned black women in cinema. The film intends to recover the history of these warriors also known as the Amazons and tells the story of Nanisca, the general of an army composed only of women represented by Davis and her daughter Nawi, played by actress Thuso Mbedu.

Scenes from “The King Woman”/ Publicity: SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT

“I knew what this would mean for us as black people. Something that has never been done before. And what that would mean for the black women sitting in that cinema. The responsibility is really high,” Davis said in an interview with vanity fair which still recalled the misleading stories that spread about these women throughout Western history. “There is a book: ‘The Amazons of Black Sparta’ — written by a white man. I had to cross out a lot because it was full of editorial comments like, ‘They looked like beasts. They were ugly. They were masculine.’ You had to sift through it all,” Davis explained.

Director Prince-Bythewood recalled the effort to put this story on screen with this mostly female, black female cast. “It takes so long to get a green light, especially to tell a story like this. There are so many obstacles – and the finish line keeps moving” said the filmmaker, who also revealed what made her persist in the project: “I just kept imagining the first time I would be on set, and I would say ‘action’, and look at the around and would be surrounded by us. I held that thought with me until it happened,” Prince-Bythewood revealed.

In addition to Viola Davis and Thuso Mbedu, who became known for her role in the series “The Underground Railroad”, the film features actresses Lashana Lynch (007 – No Time to Die and Captain America), Adrienne Warren, Sheila Atim and the actor John Boyega (Star Wars who plays King Ghezo. In addition to directing the film, Gina Prince-Bythewood co-wrote the screenplay with Dana Stevens. The new film with Viola Davis Viola is a co-production of her and husband Julius Tennon.


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