Polium One: the first console for NFT games is coming (is it?)

Despite many people looking suspiciously at NFTs, attempts to exploit non-fungible (and unwary) tokens keep popping up from all sides. The gaming industry would obviously not be immune to the trend and after some developers took a chance on these swampy waters, it was time for us to meet Polium One.

polyum one

Credit: Disclosure/Polyum

Announced by a company called Polium, which claims to be “building the products and infrastructure of games for Web3”, the promise is that the console will be powerful enough to run large games. Still, its creators guarantee that it will make life easier for those who don’t understand much about what’s supposed to come when it comes to the future of the internet.

In short, Web3 or Web 3.0 are words that have been used to describe what many speculate will be the next evolution of the internet. With it, it is expected the decentralization of information, a greater use of artificial intelligence and the transfer of control of the internet into the hands of users.

And what will move the currents of this evolution are precisely cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchains. In the case of Polium One, it should have support for the “trust protocols” Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, ImmutableX, Harmony, EOS and WAX.

But if all this promise of being prepared for the next phase of the internet and mixing games with financial transactions made you suspicious, wait to know what the creators of the console intend to deliver.

According to the official website, with Polium One we will have 4K graphics, HDR support, ray tracing and 120 frames per second, a performance worthy of making Sony and Microsoft jealous. All this in a tiny box, almost the size of the controller and this peripheral also deserves our attention.

In addition to having haptic feedback support, as with the DualSense, another feature coming straight from the PlayStation 5 will be a touchpad. The controller will also feature a fingerprint sensor, thus allowing cryptocurrency transactions to be more secure. They will even include a button that will take us straight to the wallet where our investments will be kept.

The “clean” interface of Polium One (Credit: Disclosure/Polium)

Let’s move on to games, something that can represent the success or failure of any console. Although an image of the supposed Polium One interface shows titles like Axie Infinity, scream, decentral and and Guild of Guardiansnone of them have been confirmed as compatible, with the “manufacturer” only saying that it is in talks with multiple developers.

Even the business plan for the device—only 15 pages long and with very little information—indicates that this is a somewhat amateurish project. It also didn’t help that they mentioned the use of TouchID technology (which Apple doesn’t license) or 8K graphics on the site, information that was later removed.

Finally, the fact that the logo released by Polium is practically identical to the GameCube was not forgiven, giving rise to a series of jokes on Twitter.

Faced with the negative repercussion, the company used its account on the same social network to make some clarifications. Again, it was clear that the people involved in this project don’t have much knowledge about how to sell their image to the public. They said:

  1. We do not copy the Nintendo GameCube logo. There are multiple companies that use a similar logo, but we will illustrate a new original logo.
  2. The console will have exclusive games and games. We are currently in talks with different Web3 game developers and will make some announcements soon. We know that a console cannot be successful without games.
  3. We have experience with hardware and software. The console will be created and we will run the roadmap. This space attacks whoever is building for Web3 to help it expand. We are also creating the console for ourselves and we will not stop.

If everything goes as advertised, Polium’s plan calls for delivering a prototype in the coming months and sending the video game to studios by mid-2023. Consumers will have access to the device from 2024 onwards, but since they purchased Polyum Pass. Obviously, this pre-sale will take place through an NFT that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies and with ten thousand units being available. Their intention is to sell one million consoles, with the public offering starting in 2025.

Wow! Buy and sell stickers through your console (Credit: Disclosure/Polium)

As someone who once considered acquiring an Ouya or a Zeebo, maybe I can’t point the finger at anyone who is interested in Polyum One. However, there are so many indications that this won’t work that I’m not surprised by the avalanche of criticism he’s received.

Maybe I’m just being a grumpy old man resisting inevitable change, but I really can’t get over the idea of ​​owning a JPG or a set of items in a game. Can I buy and sell these non-fungible tokens right from my console? Thanks, but I don’t care.

However, with cryptocurrencies and NFTs becoming the target of bets by giants like Ubisoft and Square Enix, it is obvious that many other companies would try to take advantage of this market and with them will also come the profiteers. What I regret is that many will fall into this virtual “siren song”.

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