These are the best 4 digital accounts for under 18s

Learning to handle money is critical. And this is a skill that must be taught from an early age by parents to their children. And a tool that can help in this task are the digital accounts for under 18s.

Opening a checking account for a minor in a traditional bank can be complicated, laborious and bureaucratic. However, opening a checking account at a bank or digital wallet is easier than you might think. So, grab a pen and paper and write down these 4 digital account options for under 18s.

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C6 Yellow

C6 Yellow

THE C6 Yellow is the digital account for minors of the C6 Bank. With it your son or nephew has access to a MasterCard debit card, expense tracking app and transfers.

The debit card can be used for basically anything: shopping in physical and virtual stores, paying for subscription services like Netflix and making free withdrawals at Banco24Horas cashiers.

The cool thing is that the cards can be requested with the name of the holder (in the case of a minor) and in different colors. Through the app, young people have access to standard banking services and also to content that teaches them how to save and handle money responsibly. Furthermore, Parents can track all their child’s financial transactions through the C6 Bank app.

But be careful: to open a C6 Yellow account you must be a C6 Bank customer.

Inter Kids

Inter Kids

THE Inter Kids is Banco Inter’s digital account for minors. Unlike C6 Yellow, to open an Inter Kids account it is not necessary to be an Inter bank customer. In addition, it is free and does not charge any type of fee.

Your child will receive a MasterCard debit card and will also have access to low-risk investment options such as Treasury SELIC or Treasury IPCA. He can also make transfers through pix and TED and make withdrawals at Banco24Horas tellers.

This digital account can be very useful for parents to deposit their children’s allowance or also to help with cell phone recharges. And if the young person already works and earns his own money, this type of account is ideal for him.

Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago

O Mercado Pago has a free digital account for young people between 13 and 17 years old. With it, young people can make payments via Pix, unlimited transfers to any bank, recharge their cell phones and buy credits to use on various platforms, such as iFood, PlayStation, Xbox, Uber and others.

When creating the Mercado Pago digital account, the teenager receives a Visa debit card and can withdraw with a QR Code at Banco24Horas ATMs. There is also a tool to share expenses with friends. It’s the money in the account yields 100% of the CDI.

It is also important to point out that young people will not have access to other types of investments and, obviously, will not be able to make loans. The account can be requested by any minor, as long as it is approved by a guardian.



The digital account nextJoy is the free option for minors at Next Bank. And perhaps this is the most interactive and customizable underage digital account ever.

For example, the app comes with custom Disney characters themes, such as Mickey, the Little Mermaid, characters from the movie Frozen, Star Wars and others. In addition, the application brings fun content about financial education.

But what I found the coolest was the gamification that the bank has placed inside nextJoy. For example, parents can set cash rewards for completing certain missions, such as tidying the room or doing the dishes. This is really cool and serves as an incentive for young people to do their household chores.

And of course, parents have access to all their children’s financial transactions. The nextJoy account gives you a Visa debit card and has cashout and Pix functionality. However, it can only be requested by Next and Bradesco bank customers.

Top questions about digital accounts for under 18s

A common question regarding this topic is what documents are needed to open an account. Generally, banks ask for CPF, RG, date of birth, nationality and telephone number. Sending this information makes it easier to open the digital account.

Also, minors are not allowed to have credit cards unless they are emancipated.

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