Two ways to find spy cameras in hotels and rental homes

It might seem that spy cameras are devices used only in action and secret agent movies. However, some of this equipment may be operating in unusual locations that should be used privately.

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Can you imagine if there was a spy camera inside the hotel room where you stayed with your family? Well, although it is something rare, there are reports of such occurrences. So, know that there are ways to discover the presence of spy cameras.

How to detect spy cameras?

There are currently two practical options for detecting the presence of spy cameras in your home or anywhere. This means that you can discover the devices inside a hotel room, inn or restaurant, for example. Check out these options below:

1 – Check the Wi-Fi connection of the place where you are

One of the ways to find potential spy cameras anywhere is through the Wi-Fi connection network. Just use an application that detects signals from this type of connection. One of them is Fing, which can find devices that are spying on you.

When scanning the location, the app signals to some device that emits Wi-Fi signal. It can be a camera installed in a hidden place in the room.

2 – Use a spy camera detector

Yes, there are specific equipment to be used in order to find spy cameras anywhere. They map the radio frequencies that are connected to the camera and that can be emitted anywhere. Therefore, the camcorder must be transmitting the data to somewhere.

On the other hand, if the images are only stored inside a memory card, the detector will not be able to discover the spy camera. Large online stores have detectors for sale, with delivery throughout Brazil and around the world.

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