VP takes Corinthians to the classification with retranca without being retranqueiro

Line of five on defense. Spaces denied most of the time for flank plays, with Villa on the left of Zeballos on the right.

Four men in midfield with Roger Guedes isolated in front. Corinthians spent almost the 90 minutes at Bombonera like this, locked up.

No, this text is not an Ode to the boom, but recognition of the effort and strategy of Vítor Pereira’s team. It was the only possible, viable way out.

And it worked. There is a difference between playing defrauded and acting disfigured, mischaracterized, mutilated. Corinthians were like that, and it got worse.

There was a player getting injured during the match and leaving, substituted. There was a kid coming into the game that he wouldn’t participate in under normal conditions.

And Boca, regardless of not being a brilliant team, was in one piece. He acted with the full support of his fans, rested, without a single embezzlement.

The achievement of these players in the context of the Bombonera duel was immense. Vítor Pereira is not a repacker, but with no other option, he knew how to assemble his bolt.

Victory on penalties and classification to fill the fans with pride. Those of going to the airport to greet the players.

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