“Bayer announced that he will make an offer for him when it opens…”; Paulinho is a ‘model’ and Leverkusen passes Villarreal to hook Palmeiras striker

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The trend is for both European clubs to make offers at the opening of the Brazilian window, starting on July 18

Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images - Paulinho is a signing model for Leverkusen, who can invest in Giovani
Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images – Paulinho is a signing model for Leverkusen, who can invest in Giovani

One of the biggest talents of the Academy’s new generation of spawn, the forward Giovanni needed surgery on his right ankle in early May after a fracture during training at the Barra Funda CT. O palm trees, as usual, does not reveal the recovery period, but the 18-year-old boy has already been doing the rehabilitation work in the field. The trend is that he will be listed again by Abel Ferreira soon.

That’s if Giovani stays at Palmeiras. The colleague André Hernan, about a month ago, had found out that a club in Germany was interested in the winger, even out of combat. Ajax, from the Netherlands, was the first interested party to appear for the striker, offering R$ 100 million to take him. President Leila Pereira refused the onslaught, ensuring that no player leaves in 2022.

A little while ago, the same Hernan discovered that the Bundesliga club is the Bayer Leverkusen, which has considerable purchasing power for signing young football promises. Just like Paulinho, attacking midfielder revealed at Vasco and who had his name aired in the lanes of Palestra Itália in 2022.

Another European who is very interested in Giovani’s football is villarreal, from Spain, who have just been semi-finalists in the last edition of the Champions League. On that occasion, the “Yellow Submarine” fell against Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

See what André Hernan found out about the case:

“Giovani continues with European interest. Now he belongs to Bayer Leverkusen and Villarreal. These two clubs are monitoring the player, seeking information and have already announced that they will make a proposal to him when the window is open. Bayer is a little ahead, more advanced in the conversations to formalize the official proposal. In fact, Giovani is a hiring profile for Leverkusen, but Villarreal is not far behind. It is a desire of the club to count on this player, Villarreal been looking at the Academy hatchlings for some time now.”

As Hernan emphasizes, Leila does not think about getting rid of players from Abel’s squad, unless the proposal is for the value of the termination fine. In the case of Giovani, 80 million euros (R$ 442 million at the current price). Another point is that, in any negotiation, Palmeiras works with the policy of keeping a percentage of the player, as happened with Gabriel Jesus.

In negotiation from Manchester City to Arsenal, Palmeiras earned almost R$ 20 million for having 7% of the striker. This is a tendency of the alviverde direction in cases of negotiations with their offspring. “What I was able to find out is that Bayer Leverkusen would meet these conditions. Make a bigger proposal, having a possibility that Giovani has met goals, and then you increase the value, and Palmeiras getting a percentage. In other words, it’s a business which seems to be very good for Palmeiras. It is something that Leverkusen has yet to formalize”added Hernan.

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