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Larry the cat, “chief mouser” of the official residence of the British government headquarters, is expected to serve the fourth British prime minister with the departure of Boris Johnson.

His fate has not yet been officially announced, but the history of exchanges in the British government shows that Larry should remain at 10 Downing Street, where he has been since 2011.

Boris Johnson resigned from the leadership of the Conservative Party on Thursday and, as a result, will step down as prime minister, remaining interim until a new UK prime minister is chosen.

Larry has lived in the official residence since he left the British organization Battersea Dogs & Cats Home at age 4 and was adopted by David Cameron, prime minister at the time, to hunt rodents at the official residence.

After Cameron, Larry “participated” in the government of Theresa May (from 2016 to 2019) and then that of Johnson.

Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister

Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister

A policeman stands guard next to “Larry” the Downing Street cat in 2016 (Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP)

In 2016, when Cameron left office for the arrival of May, there was controversy over whether the cat would stay home, but a government spokesperson confirmed that yes, Larry would stay.

According to the spokesperson, Larry was a civil servant like any other.

At the time, he claimed the cat was “hired” by the prime minister’s office and that his expenses were paid for through donations.

Larry the Cat walks outside 10 Downing Street in London, UK — Photo: REUTERS/Phil Noble

Larry, the pet cat at the British Prime Minister’s official residence, lies down on Downing Street in London, in 2017 – Photo: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Officials at British Prime Minister David Cameron’s official house try to catch Larry the cat, who has hidden behind bars, in a 2016 photo (Photo: Ki Price/AFP)

Larry, Downing Street’s official cat, is ‘convinced’ to enter the British prime minister’s official residence, in a 2016 photo (Photo: AFP)

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s new cat Larry arrives in a cage at the official residence at 10 Downing Street in London on Tuesday (15). — Photo: Reuters

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