Ceará x The Strongest records audience and income record for Alvinegro in South America – Play

In addition to the unprecedented and historic classification to the quarterfinals of Copa Sudamericanathe departure of Ceará against The Strongeston Wednesday night (6), also served for Alvinegro to register its record audience and income in the competition.

In all, 46,231 fans were present at the Castelão Arena to watch the 3-0 victory, which totaled the aggregate score at 5-1 for Ceará. Gross income was BRL 834,494.00.

The game surpassed Vovô’s debut at Sula, against Independiente-ARG, which was attended by 33,864 fans and an income of R$ 516,766.00.

The following games registered just over 20,000 fans each. In the 3-0 victory over La Guaira, the total audience was 20,415, and in the 6-0 rout over General Caballero, 20,717 were present.


Ceará 2 x 1 Independent

  • Paying audience: 33,864
  • Non-paying audience: 0
  • Total audience: 33,864
  • Gross income: BRL 516,766.00

Ceará 3 x 0 Deportivo La Guaira

  • Paying audience: 20,347
  • Non-paying audience: 68
  • Total audience: 20,415
  • Gross income: BRL 133,876.00

Ceará 6 x 0 General Caballero

  • Paying audience 20,624
  • Non-paying public 93
  • Total audience 20,717
  • Gross income BRL 135,038.00

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