Check Out What’s New in iOS 16 Beta 3, iPadOS 16, and More

It’s just the apple make available new beta versions that the entire community of developers (or aficionados) are chasing new features — and this was no different with the recently released third test version of iOS 16of iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura 13of watchOS 9 It’s from tvOS 16.

Check out what’s new with each system below — including features, trivia, and even (check it out) nostalgia.

iOS 16

Who doesn’t love a good nostalgia? Because in beta 3 users found what would be the wallpaper used by Steve Jobs in the presentation of the first iPhone, 15 years ago — would it be a tribute?

Despite the iconic presentation, the historic clownfish wallpaper didn’t even make it to public versions. Some users are seeing it but others are not, which could be just a bug. Anyway, you can download a (static) version in high resolution from here.

Some users seem to be seeing a new wallpaper Clownfish in iOS 16 beta 3. This is the wallpaper Steve Jobs used when the original iPhone was announced in 2007 — but it never came with any iPhone. Here we are, 15 years later.

Continuing with the nostalgia, previously Apple had already released the also iconic wallpaper with the image of the Earth. Before, the widgets were getting in the way of seeing the planet, but now if you have a widget, the Earth will move down; otherwise, it will remain just below the clock.

Speaking of widgets, the calendar on the Lock Screen no longer shows appointment information. Instead, it just shows that there is some compromise, but the information is blurred until the owner unlocks the device — which is great for avoiding snoopers.

Continuing on the Lock Screen, in the last beta two more font types were added, a thinner one (like the one we have in iOS 15) and a slightly thicker one, to stylize the digital clock.

iOS 16 beta 3 adds the finer font used in iOS 15 as an option for the Lock Screen clock. A lot of people wanted it, I think. Plus a thicker serif option. #iOS16

The next news was announced in the opening keynote of WWDC22 and now we have more details. THE iCloud Shared Photo Library allows you to easily share your photos with your family members.

You can configure, in the Settings, if you want to share automatically whenever you are close to someone (via Bluetooth) or do it manually. In addition, you will see the option to enable sharing with someone whenever you take a photo at home, even if the person is far away. Once you enable Shared Photo Library, the option will be shown in the Camera app.

The Automatic Sharing [da Fototeca] seems to work solely based on Bluetooth proximity. You can choose to share all photos taken at home, even if other people are not around.

Another related novelty is that you can now see specifically how much space your Photos and Videos are using on iCloud.

In iOS 16‌, users will also be able to add virtual cards (offered by some banks) to make purchases through Safari. By using AutoFill for cards, you can prevent your card data from showing on the screen.

In Settings, the option to check for new system updates has also been slightly modified. Now when you tap on the version, the alert is simpler (there is no more popup) and removed the link to the Apple website.

Still in Settings, when you view one of the iCloud+ options, there is an extra screen with explanations of the features.

In the Reminders app, something very simple — but that had been asked for a long time by users — was added. Now, you can choose to show both tasks that have already expired and those that expire “Today” on the counter.

In beta 3, there is a new option called “Include Expiration Today”, which makes the counter show all items expired and “Expired Today”. 🧡 THANK YOU REMINDERS TEAM!

In addition to these new features, it is good to remember that the Block Mode also appeared in this beta, which we have already discussed here.

watchOS 9

Appearing together in iOS 16 and watchOS 9, users now have access to atrial fibrillation history, another feature already mentioned in the WWDC22 keynote (limited to the US, for now, and Apple Watch Series 4 and later — except SE ).

Starting with watchOS 9 beta 3, the new Atrial Fibrillation History feature has been enabled on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer in the US.

iPadOS 16

On iPadOS, the star of the “show” has been the Stage Manager and its multitasking options for the Apple tablet. In beta 3, it got a new step-by-step screen on how to use it, as well as a slight update to the menu (now with identified options) and a new window selector.

Updated multitasking menu in iPadOS 16 beta 3. All options are now identified.

New window picker in iPadOS 16 beta 3 for apps with multiple windows open. Several windows are now shown in the Stage Manager’s left tray.

still talking about Stage ManagerApple started allowing iPhone apps in beta 3 to run as individual windows in the multitasking feature — and for popular iOS apps that don’t have an iPadOS-optimized version, like Instagram, that means users can get a more seamless experience. “seminormal” thanks to the new interface, as seen by MacRumors.

macOS Ventura 13

Finally, one small detail is back on macOS: trackpad animations. Despite the return, the animations were modified to reflect the new system.

Our long national nightmare is over: trackpad videos are back on macOS Ventura

For now, there haven’t been any updates or new details about tvOS 16. As soon as more details on the systems come out, of course, we’ll get back to them.

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