City Hall opens competition with 387 vacancies and salaries of up to BRL 7,500

The contest of the City Hall of Rio Verde, southwest of Goiás, is already with open enrollment and the opportunities are for the most different positions, which require from elementary, high school/technical to higher education.

In total, there are about 387 immediate vacancies, not counting the formation of the reserve register. So, check here for more about opportunities, how to apply, and more. Look!

contest dates

It is essential that candidates are aware of the competition dates, which are:

  • Registration: 07/04 to 08/03;

  • Request for exemption from payment of registration: 04 to 18/07;

  • Fee payment: until 08/04;

  • Exam date: 09/25.

Jobs and vacancies in the Rio Verde City Hall contest

Vacancies are available for the city of Rio Verde and in some specific locations in the District, among them are Lagoa do Bauzinho, Riverlândia and Ouroana.

fundamental level

Thus, for the fundamental level, the opportunities are for the following positions:

  • Kitchen and pantry assistant;

  • Cleaning assistant;

  • lookout;

  • Public service assistant.

Middle level

For the mid-level, opportunities are for:

Technical level

So, for the technical level, the opportunities are for the following positions:

Higher level

Lastly, opportunities for higher education involve the following positions:

  • Administrative analyst;

  • Archivist;

  • Planning, management and control analyst;

  • Consumer protection and defense tax;

  • Juridical analyst;

  • Sports advisor;

  • Cartography project analyst;

  • IPARV’s municipal prosecutor;

  • Urban project analyst;

  • Due Diligence Officer.

Remuneration of the Rio Verde contest

Remuneration depends on the position for which the candidate wishes to compete in the Rio Verde City Hall contest. Thus, for the elementary level, the salary ranges from R$1,339.03 to R$1,978.40.

In turn, the average level of remuneration for all positions is R$ 1,784.45. For the technician, it is R$ 1,978.40. Finally, the higher level has the best remuneration, ranging from R$ 2,651 to R$ 7,500, depending on the position, of course!

test steps

According to the tender notice, it will have the following phases:

  • Objective test – for all positions, of eliminatory and qualifying nature;

  • Physical capacity test – only to assist in public services, also of an eliminatory and qualifying nature;

  • Writing – only for positions that require a medium and technical level;

  • Proof of titles – only for higher-level positions;

  • Practical exam – for the position of project analyst;

  • Speech test – for the position of attorney.

Registration for the Rio Verde City Hall contest

Enrollments must be made directly on the website of the University of Rio Verde, having started on 07/04 and will last until 08/03.

However, to participate in the contest the candidate must pay the application fee and the amount depends on the level of the desired position:

  • Fundamental – R$ 110.00;

  • Medium / Technical – R$ 150.00;

  • Superior – BRL 210.00.

Here it is worth mentioning that the confirmation of the candidate’s participation in the contest depends on the payment of the fee, which must be done by 08/04.

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