Covid-19. Reinfections can increase risk of other health problems

THERe-infections of Covid-19 are increasingly common and, according to a recently published study, may increase the risk that people will face new and possibly prolonged health problems after infection.

This is, according to CNN, the first study that addresses the health risks of Covid-19 reinfections and to do so, the health data of more than five million people were studied.

Thanks to these data, the researchers came to the conclusion that, compared to people who were only infected once with Covid-19, those with two or more recorded infections are twice as likely to die and are three times more likely to be infected. hospitalized within six months of the last infection.

In addition, people who were reinfected were also at increased risk of lung and heart problems, fatigue, digestive and kidney disorders, diabetes and neurological problems.

For now, only a sample of the study has been published, which will soon undergo peer review.

What to do if you have symptoms of Covid-19:

Keep calm and avoid going to hospitals. Stay at home and call SNS 24 (808 24 24 24). Choose option 1 (for other symptoms you must choose option 2) or 112 if it is a medical emergency. Follow all the guidelines given and avoid being close to people, keeping a distance of at least two meters.

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