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The club from Minas tries to re-establish the dialogue with the administration of the gaucho club, headed by president Romildo Bolzan. Cruzeiro tries to show that, now, there is a new management, led by Ronaldo Fenômeno, and that works with other principles.

In addition, Cruzeiro has as a trump card the will of the athlete, who is already in Belo Horizonte and underwent medical examinations in order to be announced. The player’s staff helps in this dialogue, as they see a good opportunity for Fernando Henrique, the project and the work philosophy at Cruzeiro.

Fernando Henrique, Grêmio midfielder — Photo: Lucas UEbel/Grêmio

The link with Grêmio runs until the end of 2024. Cruzeiro sees the possibility of turning around this episode and concluding the loan negotiation.

The loan was agreed until the end of 2023, with a purchase option for Cruzeiro in December 2022 and December 2023. Coach Roger Machado had even talked about the situation and indicated that the departure was a good way for the youngster. , which was not used.

At Grêmio, the negative repercussion of a loan with Cruzeiro was cited for the deal to be undone. The two clubs, in recent years, had problems behind the scenes, as in conversations about Edilson and Thiago Neves, for example.

Fernando Henrique has not been used by Roger at Grêmio and was even left out of some related lists for the matches. He played few minutes with the coach. In the professional group, there are 23 matches and one assist.

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