Ecclestone says: “Hamilton forgot what I did for him”

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Bernie Ecclestoneformer director of formula 1was criticized for his comments in the Good Morning Britain before the Great Britain GP. In it, Ecclestone said he would be shot for Vladimir Putin and defended Nelson Piquet after he made racist and homophobic comments about Lewis Hamilton.

Afterwards, all the press, the paddock and the drivers were outraged, especially Hamilton, who did not understand Ecclestone’s statements and said he did not understand why people are still listening to him, as there is no need for that kind of mentality in this sport.

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“Yeah, maybe I’m not sensitive enough. I see things differently,” the former category director told the newspaper. Blick. “I stand by one thing: Putin has always been fair to Formula 1. I cannot say the same for all GP organizers and host countries.”

F1 cut ties and the contract it had with Russian GP shortly after the invasion of Ukraine. This also affected the pilot Nikita Mazepin who lost his seat on the Haas team, being replaced by the Danish Kevin Magnussenafter the American team did not accept more money from the company of Nikita’s father, known for his relations with Putin.

The Englishman also spoke to the seven-time world champion and Mercedes driver reminding him that it was he who, in his words, helped him get the financial deal he wanted with the German team.

“Lewis forgot a lot of things. When Mercedes refused to pay him what he asked for, I immediately said I would pay the difference.”

Bernie added that F1 needs diversity on its grid. “Formula 1 needs a black man, a Chinese man and a woman,” concluded the former boss of the main motorsport category.

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