Felipe Neto: ‘Luis Henrique never denied Botafogo. I can say with 100% ownership’

Illustrious fan of Botafogothe entrepreneur Felipe Neto took to social media this Wednesday (7/6) to defend Luis Henriquewhich according to the press “would have an interest in defending the Flamengo and would have denied the alvinegro club”. O youtuber clarified the issue.

Bota fans… Luis Henrique NEVER, absolutely at no time, denied Botafogo. I can say with 100% ownership. Do not confuse “businessman and representative interest” with “athlete interest”. Much less “biased sectorist interest” as “truth” – wrote Felipe Neto, on Twitter.

It could be that he will close with Botafogo, it could be that he will go to Flamengo, he could go to Torino, or there could be another club. Nothing is closed. It will be a hell of a booster for any team. Just don’t believe hasty news – he requested.

Botafogo became the favorite in the negotiation for accepting a loan with obligation from Olympique de Marseille, while Flamengo lost strength for not wanting the mandatory payment for permanent hiring.

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