Gazeta chief is accused of asking reporters to exchange nudes for articles – 07/07/2022

TV Gazeta’s sports department manager, Michelle Giannella, is accused of having asked reporters or producers to send half-naked photos to press officers or athletes in exchange for interviews.

O UOL heard from two former employees who received the request on two occasions and five more people who were in the meetings where this request was made. Michelle denies it. The sources heard by the report say that the recommendations became frequent when Michelle was promoted to department manager in 2019.

The reporter involved in one of the episodes spoke to UOL and asked that the name not be made public. “I’ve experienced a lot of machismo in the Gazeta, and I used to play around to get space. It got better, and when that kind of thing was finally out of fashion, I had to hear this absurdity from a woman. She spoke with a smile on her face. I felt like an incompetent who could only work if I showed my body.” The two professionals heard did not comply with the order.

Guilherme Camarda, a reporter for Gazeta between 2010 and 2022, states that he was present at one of the events: “She told the journalist to send a photo in a bikini to get an interview. And the most unbelievable thing is that she speaks in front of everyone, like if it were natural.”

Michelle talked to UOL for an hour and denied the orientation. “That doesn’t exist, that’s a lie. I’m a woman, I’ve been in this job for 24 years and I’ve never used my body to expose myself or to get something with an athlete. And tell a woman to send a photo in a bikini to an advisor? For God’s sake, folks, they don’t have that.”

Since 2000, Michelle Giannella has presented Gazeta Esportiva, a daily sports program on TV Gazeta. Since 2003, she has also presented Mesa Redonda, shown on Sundays, the most traditional sports debate program in the country. She has also been managing the sports department since 2019 – she was previously executive editor of the website Gazeta Esportiva, a position she has held since 2015.

The report heard other reports of problematic behavior by the sports manager of the Gazeta. According to five of the sources for this story, a reporter produced a medical certificate and Michelle said, in an open meeting, that the document was fake. Another, after developing depression that he attributed to his boss’ behavior, was fired —Michelle says she doesn’t remember firing an employee with depression, but Adriano Dolph’s resignation exam, to which the UOL had access, points to the disease.

Celso Cardoso, sports commentator and head of news for the station, heard the accusations and preferred not to comment. Chico Lang, also a commentator and who was once the head of the report, defended Michelle and stated that he had never witnessed such attitudes on the part of his colleague. in the conversation with the UOLMichelle says she is the victim of a plot formed by employees “who did not accept the layoffs”.

“I’m climbing positions in my work. I’m a person — for God’s sake who is listening to me —, I’m a failure, I’m a mother, I make a lot of mistakes, but I try a lot to improve as a human being. I got a button football table for my children and I took this table to our newsroom, for people to play, because I like to have a nice environment”, he says.

Gazeta denies that there are any HR complaints against Michelle, despite two sources claiming to have made such complaints. In a statement, the company’s communication says that “the allegations of moral harassment in the sports department are unfounded. There are no internal and legal records on the subject, which came to our attention only through the press. However, based on In these signs, we inform you that the sports department’s personnel management is being closely monitored in order to ensure the maintenance of the team’s good professional environment.”

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