Gomes jokes when remembering fight with Zinho on Cruzeiro: ‘Too boring guy’

Zinho played in 32 matches for Cruzeiro in 2003, when he was part of the champion squad
photo: Jorge Gontijo/Estado de Minas

Zinho played in 32 matches for Cruzeiro in 2003, when he was part of the Brazilian champion squad.

Considered one of the greatest teams in the history of Brazilian football, the 2003 Cruzeiro was a mix between young and veteran players. And one of the experienced athletes from that squad was midfielder Zinho, four-time world champion with the Brazilian team.

In an interview with the board Where are you?of supersportsformer goalkeeper Gomes, who was just 22 years old at the time, recalled a fight he had with his teammate during that victorious celestial year.

“Zinho was very annoying, man. I (was starting) and he was going to be the grumpy part of the football player. (Zinho) is a sensational guy, but very annoying on the field”, joked the now agent of athletes.

“We used to play against Athletico Paranaense at Arena da Baixada. Usually there was a split the day before the game. This was the worst day for Zinho, playing alongside him was complicated. If you threw the ball to him, Zinho would complain because you (didn’t) play in a way (that he wanted to). And if you didn’t, he would complain too”, added Gomes.

In addition to the 1994 World Cup with Brazil, Zinho won four Brazilian Championships, three Copa do Brasil, one Copa Libertadores, one Copa Mercosur and several state titles in his long career with Cruzeiro, Grmio, Palmeiras and Flamengo.

“Zinho has been in my heart for a long time. I thought: ‘I’m young, how am I going to say something to him?’. But that day I appealed: ‘Zinho, I don’t know what you have, but you’re too boring ‘. Then Zinho got into a mess, one went to face the other, and that went inside the bus. (Vanderlei) Luxemburgo had to intervene, he went to the back of the bus to say “it’s over, I don’t want to hear that anymore” And then we apologized, we continued (life) and we didn’t let it have a negative influence on the field”, he said.

“I asked him for forgiveness because I went beyond what my principle of respect for the most experienced was. For me, I had gone beyond the limit of what I could complain about”, pondered Gomes.

Respect of the young for the elders

Despite the fight with Zinho, Gomes reiterated that there was a lot of respect from the younger players for the older ones.

“It was a dressing room where everyone understood each other. In football, there was still a respect from young people to older ones, like Alex, Zinho, Cris… Unfortunately, today an athlete who kicks a professional already thinks he’s ‘the guy’. our athletes, within the company (which I work), we try to work on this, so that they have respect for those who are already in the professional field.

The former Cruzeiro goalkeeper also criticized the way behind the scenes of football are exposed nowadays on social networks.

“We, especially the young people, had a lot of respect, but we also had the freedom to be able to have a healthy dressing room. Our clothes were washed inside the dressing room. We didn’t have Instagram yet. We didn’t love Instagram to be able to wash our clothes. anything that happened you have to put it there,” he said.

“(We are in) a modern world, but for many things modernity has advanced, and this is one of them. Football has to be kept there.

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