“I have a dream of…”; Deyverson recalls his career at Palmeiras and says where he wants to play

Deyverson arrived at Palmeiras in the second half of 2017, after an appointment by Cuca, the then Alviverde coach. Throughout the five-year contract, the striker had ups and downs at the Club. Between loans, controversial expulsions and viral dances from social networks, Deyverson left his name in Palestinian history, as a character in the field, and as the hero of the Libertadores 2021 title.

During his farewell event, at Allianz Parque, the striker talked to Bolavip and recalled essential pieces in his journey at the Club, as well as influencers in his training as a player and citizen. Asked about the differences between Felipão and Abel Ferreira, two of the greatest coaches in Palmeira’s history, Deyverson highlighted what, in his view, was the most important point in Palmeiras’ game: courage.

Felipão is more of an aerial game, I played up front with him. It’s the ‘shaved’, which he liked best. Abel, on the other hand, is more breadth, opening up the defenders, using the flanks a little more in the front, as if they were wingers. He tries to make a difference in football. But, in the end, it’s Palmeiras, always playing with determination and determination, the same dynamic“, the striker told the newsroom.

Regarding his relationship with both coaches, Deyverson fondly recalled the importance of Felipão and Abel for his career. “Felipão is my big daddy, no wonder he is my daughter’s godfather. We have this very good connection between father and son. He who called my parents and brother to talk at a time too. We had this very good approach, not only as a coach, but as a family member. Abel, we didn’t know each other for a long time, but he was a person who gave me opportunities, who also hugged me, gave me a base, opinions, we had several conversations, he gave me several directions so I could improve myself“, said.

I am very grateful to Felipão, who is my big daddy, and to Abel, who is like a brother, because he is young too, he looks like a boy, a teenager (laughs). They gave me the opportunity to demonstrate who Deyverson is with a different mindset. Family man, husband, and that was very important to me as a player and as a person“, added the striker.

Finally, the author of the goal of the Tricampeonato da Libertadores advanced his next steps in Brazilian football. Despite not having anything concrete, Deyverson made his passion for Vasco clear. “Everyone knows, I’ve always said that I’m from Vasco, and after I met Palmeiras, I became a Palmeiras native too. There are two Clubs in my heart, which form one flesh, there is no difference in passion. But I would definitely go, I have no problem playing for Vasco. My father is from Vasco, I have been from Vasco since I was little. But we don’t know the day. I cannot say that I will go tomorrow or the day after, but I do have the dream of being able to play for Vasco one day“, finished.

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