In six months, the solar energy sector will have progressive taxation

Scheduled to enter a new stage on January 7, 2023, the legal framework for own energy will change the rules for those who produce solar energy at home. Currently, those who have photovoltaic systems installed in homes or commercial spaces are exempt until 2045 from charging fees for the use of distribution systems for micro and mini power generators.

That is, during the next six months, those who subscribe to a photovoltaic system will maintain the benefits granted by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). The transition period was established by law 14,300/22, enacted this year. From January 7th of next year, new consumers will pay a gradual fee during the first years of use, referring to the cost of the electricity grid. The initial percentage is 4.1% in relation to the energy produced, rising to 24.3% in 2028.

According to Thyenna Karen, CMO at MF Energy, the main advantage of a client being approved within the next six months is the guarantee, until 2045, of not receiving any taxes. In this way, the waiting time for the expected financial return after the implementation of a photovoltaic system will be longer. “Nowadays, (this time) is three to four years, until it reaches a maximum of five. It will increase to six, seven, according to taxation,” she explains.

In Ceará, the manager explains that the demand for equipment installation is high in residential and commercial sectors, in all segments, in addition to industries. According to data from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar), 76.6% of solar energy consumers in Brazil are residential properties. The sector has more than 1 million customers nationwide.

Subtitle: Customers can check out MF Energy products in the company’s two showrooms

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“In relation to solar energy in Ceará, as it is a state close to the equator, we have a wonderful solar factor for energy generation. We have many conditions for generating clean energy through solar panels and also through wind energy”, points out Thyenna.

lasting investment

With residential kits starting at R$13,990, MF Energy has services that meet the main demands related to the installation of photovoltaic panels. The company has a robust team of qualified engineers for all stages of the process, from installation to after-sales, with a portfolio of more than 900 customers in Ceará.

Until the 15th of July, the company will also have kits for homes with promotional prices. Due to the rise in the dollar, the value of imports rose, which resulted in higher values.

“Customers can count on a structure for any type of assistance, as they are purchasing equipment that has up to 25 years of warranty. So, investing in physical structure and human capital has always been paramount for MF”, concludes Thyenna Karen.


Contacts with MF Energy can be made through the following service channels


Instagram: @mfenergy_solar

Facebook: @mfenergysol

Telephone: 0800 887 1146

Whatsapp: (85) 98218.6063

Showrooms: Rua Carlos Vasconcelos, 1240 – Aldeota (Fortaleza) // Av. Dr. José Arimathea Monte e Silva, 830 – Centro, Sobral – CE

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