Man breaks private part at ‘H time’ and organ looks like ‘eggplant’

man in pain

man in pain

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A 50-year-old man was diagnosed with a fractured penis in Java, Indonesia. According to the journal ‘Journal of Surgery’, the patient decided to go to the hospital after hearing a popping during intercourse, followed by bleeding in the urethra, extreme discomfort and an apparent swelling in the genitalia.

After examinations, the medical team attested to the “eggplant deformity”. The health condition has this name, as it generates deformity in the limb, in addition to swelling. In addition to the abnormal appearance, professionals found “significant” hemorrhage in the tissues of the penis, which gave the organ a purplish color, making it difficult to find the exact place where the fracture occurred.

The man had to undergo immediate surgery to repair the problem. After being identified, the broken erectile chamber was fixed with materials absorbable by the body itself and closed with stitches, and the ends of the urethra, the channel that carries urine from the bladder to the body, were also surgically repaired. In addition, a drainage tube was inserted into the scrotum to prevent clot formation in the region.

After five days, the patient was discharged from the hospital. A catheter was kept in the urethra for 21 days to ensure recovery of the canal. “The patient returned for a check-up on the seventh postoperative day. The scar appeared to be in good condition,” the doctors reported in the report.

“The patient was evaluated again on the 21st postoperative day, when the urethral catheter was removed. The result was considered satisfactory”, they continued.

Four months after the event, the patient claimed to be “very satisfied with the result”, without having problems having sex or urinating. His penis, however, still has a slight curvature during erection, but no pain.

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