MEI may lose free financial services; understand

The individual microentrepreneur (MEI) may lose the free financial services provided by fintechs. At least the proposal is to impose a maximum limit of 0.5% for all operations. See what this might change in practice.

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The resolution is still being studied by the Central Bank. Depending on the result, the tariff reduction should affect individual entrepreneurs, as they will no longer be able to rely on the regime Special of taxation with the fintechs.

MEI may lose free: understand

According to the proposal, the maximum limit of 0.5% in operations involving corporate cards and non-face-to-face purchases can make the business model of many financial startups unfeasible, since this is one of the main revenues of fintechs.

The draft is still under study and may undergo changes until the final version. In the companies’ view, despite the use being similar, debit and prepaid cards are different products.

If the regulation is approved by the Central Bank, the request is for the reduction of the interchange fee to be gradual. In this way, individual entrepreneurs and fintechs would have a longer period of time to adapt to the change.

If there is a decrease in the rate, companies can start charging for services that were previously free. The change could end with the exemption of maintenance fee, issuance of slips and PIX for those who are individual microentrepreneurs, so the time is to expectation by the Central Bank’s decision on the regulatory change.

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