Ryanair pilot creates ‘artificial turbulence’ on his flights to keep tempers calm

Fights between passengers or customers with flight attendants have become more and more frequent, but a pilot of the greatest low cost European Union said it has an ace up its sleeve for these situations.

Disclosure – Ryanair

While part of the confusion has been recorded during boarding or disembarkation, another happens during flights. Throughout the pandemic, the mandatory use of the mask stood out as one of the main generators of conflicts, but not the only one.

For all these in-flight situations, a Ryanair pilot revealed to the British newspaper Mirror that he has a virtually foolproof solution: artificial turbulence.

The pilot says that cases of problems on board are more frequent for tourist destinations, such as Greece and the Spanish Islands, known for their parties, such as Ibiza.

“If there’s a passenger bothering us, the flight attendants call us and ask us to turn on the fasten seat belt warning as if we were in turbulence, then everyone sits down and calms down”says the pilot.

The fasten seat belt warning on the Boeing 737 is located at the top of the dashboard and has a characteristic sound. After commanding the action, some pilots often speak into the loudspeaker: “Cabin Crew, settle into your seats, we are experiencing turmoil”and the flight attendants, in turn, reinforce the request to sit down and wear seat belts.

Turbulence is difficult to prevent and also to predict, as it can happen even in clear skies. While it does not affect the safety of flights, it can cause injury to people who are not wearing a seat belt or can even cause things to fly through the plane, hitting people. Cases like these are commonly reported around the world.

The pilot also mentions that, in the summer, the simulation of “artificial turbulence” becomes more frequent, but it is up to the pilot to dose it so that passengers do not become suspicious.

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