10 Celebrity Children Who Look Like Their Parents

It is common to see children who have followed the same professional path as their parents. However, many times, in addition to following the same career, many are just like their parents.

For example, Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh, Suzanna and Kelly Key and actor Johnny Depp with his son Jack are super alike. Would the Dark series be in real life?

Thinking about the expression “Face of one, face of the other”, we separated 10 children of famous, both national and international, who are the face of their parents. Some similarities are striking! Check out!

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1. Jack and Johnny Depp

Jack Depp and Johnny Depp are super alike
Did you find it similar? Source: Pinterest

With 19 years, Jack Depp, son of Johnny Depp with the singer Vanessa Paradis, is every day more like his father in adolescence.

Even, according to the website The Things, the boy has already posted some photos on Facebook comparing himself to old Johnny’s clicks.

In addition to the physical similarity, the two also have similar tastes. After all, despite keeping out of the spotlight, Jack Depp also loves playing the guitar, drawing and painting.

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2. Shiloh and Angelina Jolie

Shiloh and Angelina Jolie comparison
The smile is the same, isn’t it? Source: Pinterest

Shiloh, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, has always been recognized for her personality and fashionista style. However, now, at 16, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks extremely similar to her mother.

The smile and mouth undoubtedly draw attention as they resemble Angelina’s. But, in addition to physical appearance, the two also share interests in activist work.

“Shiloh knows that I care a lot about refugee families, and she always asks to accompany me on missions.”, said Angelina Jolie in an interview.

Shiloh and Brad Pitt
On the other hand, Shiloh’s eyes are Brad Pitt’s. Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, many netizens claim that the teenager is also similar to her father, Brad Pitt, and that she “inherited the best of both worlds”, that is, the beauty of the two parents.

3. Children of celebrities who look like their parents: Lucas and Henri Castelli

Lucas and Henri Castelli look alike
Without a doubt, the eyes are the same! Source: Instagram

Child of fish, little fish is! At the age of 14, Lucas, son of Henri Castelli and Isabeli Fontana, inherited his blue eyes and is increasingly like his father!

4. Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

Suri and Katie Holmes
Super similar, isn’t it? Source: Pinterest

Daughter of Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes, Suri has been attracting public attention since she was very young. However, these days what impresses everyone is the girl’s physical resemblance to her mother. From the features of the face, to the blue eyes and the smile.

5. Ava and Reese Witherspoon

Ava and Reese Witherspoon: Daughter and Mother Look alike
They sure look like twins! Source: Pinterest

It is natural for daughters to have similar traits to their mother. However, the case of Ava and Reese Witherspoon is jaw-dropping. The duo is super similar and even have been confused!

In an interview with InStyle, the actress has already admitted that she loves this resemblance:

“I love being confused with her because it makes me feel so young”comments Reese. “She really needs to deal with this. I’m sure it’s not easy to look exactly like her mother,” adds.

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6. Children of celebrities similar to their parents: Rafael and João Vitti

Actors João and Rafa Vitti
So, do the actors look alike? Source: Instagram

At the age of 26, Rafael Vitti is increasingly similar to his father, actor João Vitti, both if we compare now and at similar ages.

Not only are they a copy of each other, they also share the same taste for acting. They even recently co-starred together for the first time in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera, “Além da Illusion”.

7. Tom and Caetano Veloso

Tom and Caetano Veloso alike father and son
Undoubtedly, Tom Veloso remembers his father in his youth! Source: Instagram/Pinterest

The physical resemblance between the singers Caetano Veloso, 79, and his son Tom, 25, is enough to impress anyone. In photos published on his Instagram, the boy appears sporting a look super similar to his father in the 70s.

Tom and Caetano Veloso
Source: Instagram

8. Colin and Tom Hanks

Colin Hanks and Tom Hanks are similar
Without a doubt, Colin looks like the younger Tom Hanks! Source: Pinterest

Colin Hanks, 44, leaves no doubt that he is the son of the renowned actor, Tom Hanks, 65. That’s because the two look so much alike that they even played together as father and son in the movie “The Mind That Mind” , from 2008.

9. Children of celebrities similar to their parents: Bela and Gilberto Gil

Bela Gil and Gilberto Gil look alike
Did you find Bela Gil similar to her father? Source: Instagram/Pinterest

The chef Bela Gil is the daughter of singer Gilberto Gil with his current wife, Flora. And, although she didn’t go into music like her father, Bela inherited the look and feel of the MPB icon. After all, the similarity of the two is incredible!

Bela and Gilberto embrace
Source: Instagram
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10. Susanna and Kelly Key

Suzanna Freitas and Kelly Key
Suzanna and Kelly Key look like twins! Source: Pinterest

The last selected mother-daughter duo also bears a huge resemblance! Suzanna Freitas, daughter of singer Kelly Key with singer Latino, always impresses internet users for being the copy of her mother.

In this way, the two are so similar that followers are often confused!

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Celebrity children who look like their parents: conclusion

Can you imagine being so similar to your father or mother as to be confused? Therefore, in this article we saw children of celebrities who are similar both physically and professionally to their parents. In some cases, the similarity is really surprising!

Did you like to know these curiosities? Then share on social media!

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