2W Energia launches BRL 1.4 billion project in Icapuí and targets free market

On a visit to Ceará to continue the process of implementing the Kairos Wind Farmin Icapuí, the CEO of 2W EnergyClaudio Ribeiro, states that it is necessary to expand the access of companies to the free market.

According to him, it is necessary to make it known to entrepreneurs in different sectors that those who have an energy bill of at least R$ 20,000 can leave the captive market and buy their own energy on the free market. “The free market is not just for gigantic companies,” he declares.

In the state, 2W Energia should generate almost 4 thousand direct and indirect jobs with the implementation of the park, which should cost R$ 1.4 billion. Of the total, the Northeast Bank (BNB) will finance R$ 422 million.

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The Kairós Wind Farm will have 261 MW of installed capacity with 58 wind turbines. Claudio highlights the ESG footprint (acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance), as the project avoids the emission of 16.4 million tons of carbon, equivalent to the planting of 117 million trees.

The project will be implemented in two phases, the first being marked by the installation of 25 wind turbines to be delivered by Vestas.

Ceará will have 2nd Marine Conservation Unit in Icapuí
Ceará will have the 2nd Marine Conservation Unit in Icapuí (Photo: Eduardo Lacerda)

Ceará’s choice

Regarding the choice of Ceará for the implementation of the project, he highlights that the State has the best conditions and has a number of technical subsidies that facilitate the evaluation, such as the Wind and Solar Atlas of Ceará, designed by the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará (Fiec ) and State Government. “Ceará has the best wind”, he concludes.

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