Brazilian is arrested with marijuana and can be killed

Indonesia is on the list of countries with the strictest drug laws in the world. People arrested for trafficking can be sentenced to death by firing squad, which is widely accepted in the country’s society, and can be applied to anyone arrested with more than five grams of drug. The law does not even provide for exceptions for foreigners.

This was the case of a young Brazilian Alberto Sampaio Gressler, 25, who was arrested at the airport in Bali, Indonesia, on the 28th. According to the Indonesia Expat website, agents found marijuana in the medical student’s bag.

Also according to the press, inside the boy’s luggage were four packages with “leaves and seeds”. Authorities told the Indonesian newspaper that the total weight of the drug was 9.1 grams.

However, the young man’s family alleges that Alberto has a medical prescription for marijuana use and had legally purchased the total of 2.8 grams in Thailand. Also according to relatives, the student is a member of the Abrace Esperança association and uses marijuana to deal with anxiety, depression and ADHD.

“The Indonesian press took into account the gross value, not the net value, of packages legally purchased in Thailand. In his testimony, given at immigration, the immigration police made it clear that the net value of the fresh plants was 2.8 grams,” the student’s brother-in-law, Antônio Rocha Lemes, told Uol.

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According to Antônio, his brother-in-law was inattentive. “He did not know that in Indonesia the plant could not enter. This is a medicine,” he added. According to Uol, the Itamaraty was contacted by the family and the Brazilian consulate in Indonesia appointed a lawyer for the young man.

Since the 28th, Alberto has been detained at the airport. “He’s still stuck at immigration. The consular secretariat tells us that it is a very precarious situation, that he did not even have a mattress for him to sleep on, the lawyer had to buy a mattress, some clothes, because everything from him was confiscated, including money, so he basically lives on bread and water”, described.

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