“Cruise will close…”; Tino Marcos delivers the deal that Ronaldo is about to announce at Raposa


During participation in a podcast, the journalist revealed deals that Ronaldo is close to closing

“Cruise will close...”;  Tino Marcos delivers deal that Ronaldo is close to
© Photo: Reproduction/SporTV“Cruise will close…”; Tino Marcos delivers deal that Ronaldo is close to

isolated leader of the Brazilian Championship Serie B with 38 points, keeping seven ahead of the second place, Cruzeiro has four unbeaten games in the Brazilian, with three wins and one draw. It is worth mentioning that Raposa has an advantage of 15 points for the first team outside the qualifying zone for the Serie A in the next season.

Under new management led by Ronaldo Phenomenon, Raposa has been restructuring and reformulating itself from the technical committee to the executive. In view of this, it is clear that evolution of the club which is in its third season at Brazilian Serie Bbut it is the first since the fall that has real chances of access.

With a focus on this reformulation, during the participation of Tino Marcos on the podcast ‘Charla Podcast‘, the journalist revealed the intentions of Ronaldo for the conquest of the stadium of the Club. “Cruzeiro is taking Mineirão. (…) Cruzeiro is going to close. I met Ronaldo at the Penta party and he said it’s too early for Mineirão to be from Cruzeiro”.

Recalling an interview with Ronaldo granted to ‘Itatiaia radio‘, on 06/15, where he spoke about the talks for the acquisition of the stadium. “Mineirão was not the agenda of the meeting, but it ended up becoming. The conversation was very good, I can say that we have a lot to do ahead of us. It also became a subject and the conversation, for now I can say, was excellent”.

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