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The CBF released the VAR audio in Cruzeiro’s disallowed goal against Ituano, last Tuesday, for Serie B. This Friday, the entity announced that the VAR assistant referees and the quality manager will undergo a recycling process

In the match, as video referee was Pathrice Wallace Corrêa Maia, from Rio de Janeiro. He was assisted by Carlos Henrique Cardoso de Souza, also from Rio. The VAR observer was Gilberto Corrale. The last two will go through recycling.

In the official note, the CBF informed that “the video assistant referees and the Quality Manager involved in the match between Ituano and Cruzeiro will be referred to the Arbitration Performance Assistance Program (PADA).” The multidisciplinary recycling program was created by Wilson Seneme, who recently took over the management of arbitration at CBF, as one of the measures to try to improve Brazilian arbitration.

The content was released three days after VAR drew offside lines and canceled out striker Edu’s goal in the first half of the duel between Ituano and Cruzeiro.

VAR line in Cruzeiro’s disallowed goal — Photo: Premiere

In the audio, it is shown that Bruno Arleu points out that there would be an impediment for Edu in the bid. Those responsible for VAR calibrate the timing of Bidu’s cross kick, which would be the assist for the Cruzeiro forward’s goal. The analysis, from the verification of the exact moment of Bidu’s pass to the conclusion, lasts 40 seconds, through the video.

In the line drawn by VAR, the reference for Ituano would be the left side, shirt number 6, Roberto, who was in the left part of the defensive area of ​​Ituano, in the marking of the midfielder Adriano. However, apparently, the number 3 defender, Lucas Dias, is the last man in Ituano and where the reference should be drawn.

In the audio, in the VAR analysis, the conclusion of the offside is extremely fast. It lasts for three seconds, from the moment the lines of defense and offense are drawn. See the final dialogue:

  • – Confirms the field decision. Proceed – says the VAR booth
  • – Offside, right? – asks Bruno Arleu
  • – Perfect, offside.

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The head referee and field assistant are on the schedule for this weekend’s Brasileirão. Bruno Arleu de Araújo, field referee in the match against Ituano, will lead the referee team in the duel between Coritiba and Juventude, on Sunday, at 11:00 am (Brasília time), for the 16th round of Serie A. He is federated in Rio de Janeiro and is on the FIFA board.

It is worth remembering that Bruno was not directly involved in Edu’s goal, which was disallowed. Offside bids are reviewed by the video team, who only communicate the decision to the referee. When there is a need for interpretation, he is called to the monitor at the edge of the field. It was not the case.

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However, Cruzeiro also questions other decisions made by Bruno during the match, especially the cards given to Geovane Jesus (watch the video below) and Edward Brock.

At 11 min of the 1st half - yellow card from Geovane Jesus do Cruzeiro against Ituano

At 11 min of the 1st half – yellow card from Geovane Jesus do Cruzeiro against Ituano

Before VAR disallowed Edu’s goal, assistant Michael Correia marked the offside on the field. He worked on the game between CSA and Ponte, this Thursday, for the 17th round of Serie B. At Central do Apito, at the time of annulment and before the lines drawn by VAR, Janette Mara Arcanjo stressed that the bid was adjusted. CBF’s understanding is the same when evaluating Michael.

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The bid took place in the 44th minute of the first half at the Novelli Júnior stadium. The assistant canceled the pitch on the field. It took VAR about a minute and a half to confirm the field decision.

It turns out that the blue line, drawn on the left foot of Lucas Dias, defender of Ituano, should have been placed at another point. You can see that Lucas Dias’ right foot, for example, is much closer to the baseline. There was still another defender, Rafael Pereira, ahead of Edu, who could also provide conditions.

VAR cancels Edu’s goal in Ituano x Cruzeiro, but lines cause controversy – Photo: Reproduction

Edu, directly involved in the bid, complained a lot about the referee after the final whistle, saying that he had the impression, still in the field, that he had legal status. Paulo Pezzolano also criticized the situation and said the mistakes didn’t happen “by accident”. Club CEO Gabriel Lima promised to go to CBF too to look for the VAR audios and understand the reason for the errors on the field.

According to the ge, Cruzeiro will not question the CBF only by letter, as is common in Brazilian football. The tendency is for a representative of the SAF to meet personally with Wilson Seneme, chairman of the Arbitration Commission.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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