“It’s a monster. Sad that São Paulo doesn’t have money…”; After Cebolinha and Vidal, rivals are ‘mouthed open’ with probable new signing of Fla


The midfielder has already given the go-ahead to wear Rubro-Negro and the negotiation is progressing

- Everton Chives
© Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo– Everton Chives

Flamengo is packed in the season and its fans hope that this “footprint” will be maintained for the next games. At the weekend, Mengão will face Corinthians, for the Brazilian Championship. It’s a direct confrontation and CRF needs to win if they want to keep dreaming of reaching the leadership of the national tournament soon.

Regarding the football market, Rubro-Negro is still very active, talking to entrepreneurs and influential people in the world of football. The vice president of flamengo football himself, Marcos Braz, confirmed at a press conference that CRF will have a large transfer window and there are two main names at the moment: Walace (Udinese) and Wendel (Zenit).

The curious thing is that rival fans are praising the likely arrival of Wallace. The athlete’s numbers at Udinese are very good (you can check it out below) and the athlete would come to fight hard for the title. One São Paulo told us to leave clubbing aside: “This Wallace is a monster. I remember him in the base selection. Sad that São Paulo doesn’t have money. Flamengo if they hire this guy…”, stated.

JThe Corinthians fan said he would like the player at Timão: “I want Wallace in Corinthians, make it happen Duilio (president)”, scored.

What is certain is that Wallace already gave approval to play in Flamengo, which discusses the purchase method with Udinese. There is great optimism internally that the Brazilian has great chances of landing at Ninho do Urubu to be Mengão’s newest reinforcement. Wendel is another one that conversations are evolving and could have a happy ending.

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