The Most Expected Movies of July 2022 in CINEMAS!

Recently here at CinePOP, we brought an article with the highest grossing of the first half of 2022 (see below on the link). Of course, on the list were some of this year’s most anticipated films, many that actually proved to be financially successful. movies like Batman, Jurassic World – Dominion, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And, especially, Top Gun: Maverick. All great successes that will certainly appear until the end of the year – although some have lukewarm reviews. Others, who should have been included in this top 10, ended up disappointing, as was the case with lightyear – derived from Toy Story which turned out to be one of Disney’s weakest (financially speaking) efforts in recent times. On the other hand, every year there is a surprise in store for us from who knows where, which becomes the new phenomenon of popularity. And this year such a movie goes by the name Everything Everywhere at the Same Time.

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But 2022 has only come halfway. We still have six more months of movies and the guarantee of super productions that will shake things up at the box office, in addition to works that will certainly position themselves on our lists of the best (and also the worst, why not?) this year. Some of them are already starting to arrive in the month of July – like a certain Marvel movie that promises to draw crowds to theaters (as the studio’s films usually do). As if that weren’t enough, we also have the biography of the king of rock, a horror film with great expectations, animations and popular Brazilian productions. Check it out below.

Just like June, the month of July starts making a lot of noise in theaters with the debut of a blockbuster. While last month we started work with Jurassic World – Dominionthe seventh month of the year brings a super production from Marvel to kick off. Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth film of the God played by Chris Hemsworth – the only MCU character to win four solo films. The Fourth Thor is the studio’s second film of 2022, following the resounding success of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And no one doubts the potential of Thor 4 at the box office. This is because it is again directed by Taika Waititiresponsible for the most successful hero movie to date (Thor: Ragnarok). In the plot, the God of Thunder must fight a creature specialized in killing Gods, Gorr (lived by Christian Bale). Other than that, the protagonist is reunited with his beloved Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who this time also lifts the hammer and becomes a Goddess.

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no one wanted to face Thor 4 the first weekend of July, and who would be crazy? Thus, the second major debut of the month was left for its second weekend. And it is a production of great relevance and that promises to have great scope – perhaps even reaching the Oscars. Music biographies have basically become a sub-genre and an extremely profitable niche. So first Fox tried to get its incredibly successful biography of Freddie Mercury and the Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody; and without wasting time, the very next year, Paramount did the same with Elton John in Rocketman. This month, Warner decides to invest in the King of Rock in Elvisbringing in tow the participation of Tom Hanks as the singer’s manager, and villain of the story. In 2022 we will still have the premiere of I Wanna Dance with Somebodyfrom Sony, about Whitney Houstonand soon one about Bob Marley.

The long-awaited return of the cult director David Cronenberg also premieres the second weekend in July, much to the delight of fans. The filmmaker has not signed on to direct a feature since 2014, when he delivered his satire on the Hollywood celebrity industry, map to the stars. Having debuted at the prestigious Cannes festival in May, crimes of the future marks Cronenberg’s return to the subgenre that made him famous, the grotesque and visceral horror of “body horror”. In this horrific vision of the future, the filmmaker talks about how people will be a mixture between the organic and the synthetic, and that entertainment will turn into grotesque operations of our organs. Definitely not recommended for the weak of stomach. in the cast, Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart.

Me, Christiane F., 13 Years Old, Drugged and Prostituted – 40 Years Edition

Speaking of films not recommended for those with a weak stomach, the second weekend in July will again bring to the big screen a classic of world cinematography that is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022. It is the real story of the girl in the title, a young man belonging to a deplorable universe, subjected to the underworld of drugs and prostitution at an early age. The scandalous film was a huge success – and some recent articles try to recap the life of the protagonist, still alive, forty years after the film’s release. German production, the film also features the participation of the singer David Bowie as himself, in addition to contributing to the soundtrack.

The third weekend of July brings the release of what is one of the most anticipated horror films of the year. Based on the book by Joe Hill (the son of Stephen King), the story shows that the subject inherited his father’s talent for stories that mix drama, terror and suspense. The boy Mason Thames stars as Finney, a young man who ends up kidnapped by a psychopath. The villain, owner of a very exotic mask (and that has everything to become a sensation of the next Halloween), is played by Ethan Hawke. The sadist has a hobby of kidnapping children, but his latest prey will receive help from the souls of his former victims, through calls from a deactivated black phone, in the boy’s captivity.

Pluft – The Phantom

After a horror movie with the souls of dead children, here we have another with a very different content. national production, Pluft will be strategically launched at the time of the kids’ school holidays, so that parents can run with their children to the cinemas, distracting them and paying homage to Brazilian cinema. The elders may well remember that originally, Pluft is a classic children’s play, written by Maria Clara Machado still in 1955, which had several montages on stage. This is the first time the story has been brought to the big screen. The script was adapted by Rosane Svartman, who also directs the film. The story tells about a little ghost named Pluft, who lives isolated with his mother in a haunted mansion and is more afraid of living people than everyone else is of ghosts. He ends up befriending the girl Maribel, and then needs to save her from a pirate who kidnaps her. The cast includes the presence of Juliano Cazarre, Fabio Nascimento and Arthur Aguiar.

Closing the main premieres of the third weekend in July, we have another national production that has a team of actors. Andrea Beltrão, Mariana Lima, Lara Tremouroux and Eduardo Moscovis were together in the recent Globo soap opera a place in the sun. Now they are all reunited in this film production about a catatonic woman (Beltrão) given a second chance at life. The film, which mixes drama with good humor, is directed by the young Gustavo Rosa de Mouraand still has the Global Karine Teles (wetland) and Jessica Ellen (Mother’s love) in the list.

On the last weekend of July, the big attraction continues to be a production aimed at children and that promises to pack their school holidays. Warner has a large collection of characters and superheroes at its fingertips, thanks to the more than fruitful partnership with DC Comics. And here the studio decides to focus on a more childlike product: an animation that uses the pets of the heroes of the house as protagonists, especially the white dog Krypto, Superman’s dog. Who gives the voice of the animal is Dwayne Johnsonwho will soon be seen as the anti-hero black adam on the big screen – blockbuster scheduled to premiere later this year.

The month of July will be heavily aimed at children, in order to surf the wave of the mid-year school holidays. But the month still reserves movies for parents too. And one of the most popular is this Iranian production by the prestigious filmmaker Asghar Farhadiof successes such as The break up (2011), The apartment (2016) and the recent everyone already knows (2018). Your newest work, A hero, made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. In the plot, a guy is arrested for not paying a debt. With two days free, he tries to convince the whistleblower to withdraw the complaint. Abroad, the production was released by Amazon, but in Brazil the film will first go to theaters through California Filmes.

Another original production from a streaming platform, this dramatic comedy made its debut at the Sundance Festival, but in the US it was released directly on Hulu – a Disney subsidiary (which in Brazil has Star Plus as its replacement). Around here, however, there is nothing like a release to watch at home, as the feature is scheduled to premiere at Paris Filmes to close the month of July on its last weekend. The focus here is on a relationship between an older woman, a veteran’s role Emma Thompsonwith a boy many years younger, role of Daryl McCormack. In Brazil, sex comedy takes on even more lascivious contours thanks to the name of the main male character.

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