Vice do Flamengo provokes Atltico for notification: ‘Comdia Galincea’

Rodrigo Dunshee, vice president of Flamengo, again provoked Atl
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Rodrigo Dunshee, vice president of Flamengo, once again provoked Atltico on social media

Rodrigo Dunshee de Abranches, vice president of Flamengo, returned to provoke the Atltico this Friday (8). He replied to a tweet by journalist Andr Rizek, who criticized the repercussion given by Galo to the term “hell”, used by forward Gabigol after the first leg between the rivals in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. “Comdia galincea,” Dunshee said.

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The controversy began when Gabigol gave an interview after Atltico’s 2-1 victory over Flamengo in Mineiro. The Rubro-Negro attacker declared: “When they go there, they will know what pressure and what hell”.

In addition to the STJD, Galo also issued a security alert to public bodies in Rio de Janeiro and CBF. The club from Minas fears “hostile weather” on its trip to the capital of Rio de Janeiro, due to the decision that will take place on July 13th.

Flamengo manager provocation

Faced with the facts, journalist Andr Rizek, from SportTV, made harsh criticisms of the Atlantic. The presenter evaluated the alvinegra measure as a “waste of time”.

“It’s unbelievable here. Does anyone really think that Gabigol was talking about violence? For love… What is expected of those who play at home is basically to make the opponent’s life a ‘hell’. This here is called a waste of time. time – the most precious thing there is,” posted Rizek on twitter.

Then Rodrigo Dunshee, vice-president of Flamengo, corroborated the criticism. The manager, who has a great history of teasing the Rooster, categorized the Atletico concern as “chicken comedy”.

“The lawyer who acted in this case, who I will preserve his name because I don’t know if he would authorize, didn’t know whether to laugh or defend himself. Such is the chicken comedy. ask for peace and that they are well received. Be a beautiful party”, projected.

“Incidentally, the notification of infringement was filed for lack of typicality. More or less for lack of legal technique of the prosecution”, he added.

Flamengo and Atltico will meet at 9:30 pm next Wednesday (13), at Maracan, in Rio de Janeiro. Having won the first leg 2-1 at Mineiro, Galo played for a draw to advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. If Flamengo wins by a goal difference, the decision will take place on penalties. For two or more goals, the Cariocas advance directly.

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