Crusoe: The Chilean Letter Bomb

Crusoe: The Chilean Letter Bomb

Gabriel Boric

In the edition of Crusoé that aired this Friday (8), A report by Duda Teixeira reports the reactions to the radicalism of proposals for Chile’s new Constitution, with center-left, center and right politicians promising to reject it in September.

“The disappointment was evident at the ceremony of handing over the final text of the proposal for a new Chilean Constitution to President Gabriel Boric [foto], in the second, 4. What was supposed to be a party already drew attention due to the absence of guests. The center-left former Chilean presidents Ricardo Lagos and Eduardo Frei were not there. Boric, the current president, arrived late and gave a lukewarm speech, promising to call a referendum so that Chileans can approve the project or not. At the ceremony, one of the constituents complained of not having received the final text, a frequent criticism among several of his colleagues. In the following days, Lagos released an open letter in which he did not support the document, debated over twelve months, and made several corrections to the text. Then Boric himself admitted that he would be open to changes in the newly completed text or the Constitution currently in force. They are sudden deviations from plans, which have only one explanation: the new Charter is a bomb.”

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