In hilarious video, picky penguins refuse to eat cheap fish at zoo – News

Keepers of an aquarium in southern Japan are suffering from the hilarious reactions of demanding penguins. The birds began to reject, without ceremony, the cheaper fish bought by the institution’s management, which intended to save money.

In the video, you can see that the penguins shake their heads when the fish are offered. Sometimes they don’t even open their beaks.

Absolutely no method tried by keepers to convince them to eat the fish has worked. On the other hand, the images show that the otters continue to devour the fish.

The measure is a way to try to save some money, while the country reaches the highest inflation rates in 31 years – in April, the Bank of Japan recorded a 2.5% rise in the consumer price index.

According to the management of the Hakone-en Aquarium, where the video was recorded, the price of horse mackerel (known here as chicharro) increased by around 20% in May, and the option was to opt for mackerel, a little cheaper.

It didn’t work out, and another solution will need to be found, as keepers have made it clear that they won’t force penguins to eat the cheapest fish.

“We would never force any animal to eat what it doesn’t want,” said Daiki Shimamoto, the aquarium’s manager, in an interview with the Asashi News channel, after the backlash of the hilarious images.

In addition to trying to reduce power costs, the aquarium tries to cut electricity costs.

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