Reddit user lists the most talked about GPUs in the platform’s dedicated community

Check out the top 20 most mentioned video cards in the online space

A user of reddit named madredditscientist organized a ranking with the most talked about video cards at the /r/buildapc forum platform, community dedicated to hardware customization with over 5 million members. Data was collected from posts and comments from up to 350 previous daysthrough a technology specifically created for this, called Named Entity Recognition (NER), Named Entity Recognition in free translation. The model is based on machine learning that has been trained to recognize mentions of specified products.

The search results

O GPU top 10s most commented is dominated by NVIDIA. eight of the top ten are models GeForceincluding the leader and vice of the ranking, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, respectively. The only two models OMG that appear among the ten most commented are the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XTin the third position, and AMD Radeon RX 580in fifth.

Interestingly, the proportion presented in the ranking of GPUs most commented on r/buildapc of Reddit is close to what you can find in the database of Steam Hardware and Software Search. The June 2022 report indicates a proportion of cards used in the company’s gaming platform. valveby manufacturer, of 75% of NVIDIA users and 15% of AMD users.

Check below the top 20 graphics cards most commented on r/buildapc from Reddit, organized by madredditscientist. The complete ranking, with 41 modelscan be found at this link.

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Is being more commented good or bad?

Despite having collected the mentions made to the GPUs, technology has not yet separated them according to positive or negative feedback. The developers announced that they intend to add an analysis to identify the type and tone behind the mentions made and, thus, have a delimitation if they are complaints or praise.

In general, they explain “people generally seem to recommend products rather than complain about them, so we expect a pretty high correlation between discussion volume and most liked products”. Another type of reference to devices are questions about them, which are not exactly an opinion about them.

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