Weekend Tip | Dramas that have been talked about available on Amazon Prime Video

Another weekend has arrived bringing a list of nominations to watch in the streamings. This time, the tip is for dramatic features, each one in its own way, which can be checked on Amazon Prime Video, without any additional cost or subscription. The first two, of course, are the big releases of the month on the platform, which were in theaters until recently.

Gucci House

Probably one of the most controversial projects of recent years, there were those who loved it and those who hated it. Gucci House. Sold as an ode to the glamor and controversies surrounding the Gucci family and their fashion empire, this Ridley Scott is a soap opera with a lot of glitter, glitter and caricatured performances, which really talks about the dirtiness of the fashion world, abuse and human degradation in the midst of absurd situations. All this with an incredible performance by the Lady Gaga.

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In this biographical drama, Kristen Stewart interprets Princess Diana in a frightening way. The actress’ masterful work brings ‘Lady Di’s reflections to life as the film travels through the mind of this historical character on what could have been her last Christmas with the British Royal Family. It’s an intense drama about one of the most popularly approved monarchical figures, who speaks volumes about the lows and controversies of Buckingham Palace.

nocturnal animals

Based on a 1990s novel, this dramatic thriller follows an arts dealer who is in a frustrated second marriage to a handsome husband. However, her life changes drastically when she receives the new book from her ex-husband. As she progresses through the story, she starts to realize parallels with her own life and makes her start to fear for what she went through and for those around her. the duo Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaalas usual, puts on a show and the direction with the best commercial aspect holds in a very interesting way.

lovely women

Seventh adaptation of the classic 1868 novel, lovely women accompanies a group of well-known sisters in the region, who experience completely different situations in life. As the film progresses, the story develops and intertwines their path with that of other characters as they work through some of the difficulties of being a woman in the 19th century.

A Boundary Between Us

Lastly, this drama is one of the most powerful in recent years. Based on an 80’s play of the same name, the film follows an African-American family in the 50’s United States. In addition to the various possible family dramas, coming from a man who works as a garbage man to support them, the members of family are marginalized and directly affected by the racism of the time. Apart from the monstrous performances, the dynamics of the dialogues in this film are impressive. And the scariest thing is to see how certain situations remain current to this day.

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