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Austin Butler is far from the first actor to play Elvis; check out a list of other stars who also played the King of Rock

Among the most anticipated movie releases of 2022 is Elvis in Baz Luhrmannin which Austin Butler live the Rock kingbeside Tom Hanks in the role of Colonel Tom Parker. However, he is far from the first actor to play the musician in theaters.

Over the decades, several actors have lived Elvis, whether in films about the singer himself, in series or in productions in which he only made a cameo. That’s why we’ve listed five stars who lived through the Rock king on screens beyond Butler. Check out:

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Kurt Russell, Elvis Didn’t Die (1979)

Kurt Russell interpreted Elvis in the TV movie made by the director John Carpenterand even received a nomination for the Emmy by the performance. For the long, the father of Elvis was consulted, Russell chose a jumpsuit from Graceland and Priscilla Presley received $50,000 to ensure the script was accurate.

Elvis did not die

David Keith, A Night With The King Of Rock (1988)

Known for living the father of Drew Barrymore in Flames of vengeance, David Keith It is Elvis in a movie maybe not so good, but one that can bring back fond memories for those who watched it in the past.

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a night with the king of rock

Michael St. Gerard, Elvis (1990)

Michael St. Gerard interpreted the Rock king more than once, one of them being this 1990 miniseries, which follows the singer on the rise to stardom. But, he reprized the role in Great Balls of Fire! (1989), A Choice of Heart(2011) and an episode of setbacks (1989).

elvis 1990

Val Kilmer, Love at Point Blank (1993)

In Close-up love, Val Kilmer interprets a different version of Elviswhich, in fact, is part of the consciousness of the character of Christian Slater in this film written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott.

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point-blank love

Peter Dobson, Forrest Gump (1994)

One of the shorter but sweeter versions of Elvis that’s when he meets Forrest Gump and is inspired by the movement of his legs to create the iconic dance of the Rock king.

Forrest Gump

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