Another beautiful footage on the large AN-124 plane is made by Commander Antonov

The start of takeoff, in the video scene shown below

Commander Dmytro Antonov, from Antonov Airlines (his surname is just a coincidence, he is not the owner of the company), this week again published another video with very beautiful images taken from the cockpit on a flight with the large plane AN-124 .

Dmytro, as shown several times by AEROIN, was one of the pilots of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, the largest plane in the world, destroyed in Ukraine at the beginning of the war. However, as he was also a flight instructor and piloted the company’s other models, today he continues to make videos aboard his “little brother”, the AN-124.

Even though they are not as colossal as the Mriya, these jets are 69.1 meters long, 73.3 meters in wingspan and 21.08 meters in height, in addition to being able to carry up to 150 tons of large or of high concentrated weight, therefore, also a giant of the skies.

As seen in the video available below, before the images of the flight began, Dmytro comments that there was a “very pleasant moment”, as during takeoff “the local aviation community, via radio, wished us well, with the words ‘Glory to Ukraine’” (depending on the device being used to watch, you can use the settings in the corner of the player to add subtitles).

Then, at the beginning of the images, it is possible to enjoy a bit of the airport movement, as several planes are taxiing, taking off and landing while the Antonov AN-124 is prepared next to the runway for departure.

Finally, the video shows the takeoff, climb and a good part of the flight. Follow everything below (wait a few moments if the image doesn’t load immediately).

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