At least nine women were victims of the ‘rape drug’ at a party with the German chancellor

Berlin police are investigating the case; spokesman for the Social Democratic Party does not rule out that there may be more reports

Olaf Scholz was present at the party where at least nine women report being victims of the ‘rape drug’

At least some women were drugged with so-called “rape drugs” during a Social Democratic Party party attended by the German Chancellor. Olaf Scholz, reported the SPD. “The commotion is very great,” said a party spokesman, confirming information from the Berlin daily Tagesspiege and adding that he did not rule out that there were more victims. Berlin police said they were investigating a case of grievous bodily harm following a tip from a 21-year-old girl who was at the scene and reports not remembering what happened.

Through Twitter, the head of the party, Katja Mast, spoke about what happened. “I advise all involved to file a complaint,” she wrote. In an email to participants at the party, which took place on Wednesday near the chancellery, the SPD denounced “a monstrous act immediately reported to the Bundestag police”. Nearly a thousand people attended the traditional SPD party before the parliamentary summer recess. “It was an internal event. You could only enter by invitation,” the spokesperson said. “There is still a lot of uncertainty (about what happened), the police are investigating,” he added. Often causing nausea and dizziness, the “rape drug” refers to different psychotropic substances that are often poured into people’s cups to be abused through violence, theft or sexual assault.

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