Ballot boxes open for senator elections in Japan after Shinzo Abe assassination | World

The vote is expected to broaden the legislative majority of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, to which Abe belonged. According to Reuters, polls already pointed to party favoritism before the assassination.

Despite Shinzo Abe’s death, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and other politicians insisted that the electoral process should continue.

“We must never allow violence to suppress expression during elections, which are the foundation of democracy,” said Kishida.

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In addition, the prime minister took time to offer condolences to Abe’s family in Tokyo, where the body arrived on Saturday afternoon after leaving a hospital in western Japan.

The murder, which took place on Friday (8), shocked both the country and the international community, generating a wave of condemnation even from nations with which the bellicose Abe had sometimes difficult relations, such as China and South Korea.

The man named as the perpetrator, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, is in custody and told investigators he attacked Abe because he believed the politician was linked to an unnamed organization. Local media described the organization as religious and claimed that Yamagami’s family was experiencing financial problems as a result of his mother’s donations to the group.

Killer says he shot Shinzo Abe because he believed ex-premier belonged to organization he hated

Killer says he shot Shinzo Abe because he believed ex-premier belonged to organization he hated

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