criminals invest in viruses through YouTube videos

Recently, the cybersecurity company, titled Cyble Research Lagsfound some information that confirms that a group of hackers is distributing a fake software related to mining bitcoin.

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This happens through a resource that is not used much, perhaps it would not even arouse suspicion: videos on YouTube. The new feature was named PennyWise.

The specialized company stated that it found more than eighty videos, all with a low amount of viewshowever, belonging to a single person.

The user has videos on how a software of bitcoin mining, how to download for free through a link in the description of the videos.

What harm does PennyWise do?

In order to completely deceive victims, PennyWise is described as a software safe and secure, so much so that it even has a password protection to increase your credibility.

The moment the user downloads the resource, it is resized to a service link online detection of malicious content, VirusTotal. In this package, there is a mention that it might trigger some antiviruses by mistake.

Similar to PennyWise’s character, the malware steals your system information, login credentials, cookies, encryption keys, passwords and more. But while it takes all of that, its real interest is in cryptocurrency wallets and potential wallet data.

After absorbing all the information, Penny puts it in a single file and forwards it to the hacker-controlled server, then self-destructs.

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