Does using a cell phone with a cracked screen damage the device?

Many people have gone through the problem of having their cell phone screen cracked, right? This type of accident is quite common, but it is not always possible to fix it on time, which can raise the question: does using the cell phone with the screen like this damage the device?

That’s what I’m going to talk about today! Take a look at the article below and find out if you can use your cell phone for a while with a cracked screen.

Can you use cell phone with cracked screen?

When the cell phone screen is damaged, often the touch sensitive part (touch screen), it remains working, and this can lead the person to think that it is okay to continue using it, right? But look, that’s not entirely true, okay?

It turns out that the tempered glass part that protects the touch screen is no longer there, or is cracking, this causes dust, water and other external objects to come into contact with the touch-sensitive display and end up slowly damaging your device.

Using a phone with a cracked screen can be harmful to the device and the person (Image: Unsplash/Agê Barros)

Then, over time, your phone may turn on, but some parts of the screen may no longer recognize the touch, or even the entire screen. Oh! And it can also be harmful to you, okay? Check it out: cracked glass can release shards of glass that cut your hand and also your ear.

Be very careful when using a device with a broken screen, ok? The ideal is always to fix it before using it again. I’ll be back soon with more tips for you!

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