Family enchants the internet by sharing daily with their hybrid wolves

A family of three wolf dogs and 2 humans share their adventures on social media. But what most enchants internet users are not the adventures, but the beauty and magnitude of pets.

The quintet lives in California, United States. The owner, Courtney Udvar-Hazy, 29, is a photographer, and she is the one who documents the fun of the class and shares it with the more than 1.3 million followers of the dogs, between TikTok and Instagram.

Initially, the @wander_with_willow account belonged to his dog named Willow, in which since he acquired her, he shared his daily life.

But in 2018, tragedy struck and the dog that is a mix of wolf, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and Belgian Shepherd, died. The dog escaped from the nanny and was hit by a car.

“When I got there, she was still alive. My friend was taking us to the vet,” Udvar-Hazy told Input, his voice shaky. “She passed away while I was holding her in the back seat.”

Devastated, the American made the decision to clone the dog, so she went to the Texas-based ViaGen clinic and sent some samples of Willow for the procedure. In 2019, Phoenix was born and six more puppies were donated to friends.

From the photographer and companion’s group, Phoenix arrived first and the other two came to brighten up the family even more.

“As an animal photographer, I try to capture dogs being free themselves, enjoying the land without limits or limitations. Wolf hybrids have especially wise souls, and we hope to connect more deeply with our own as we continue on this journey,” she said.

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