Google Chrome may receive an improvement that helps save battery

Google Chrome may receive a significant improvement in its performance, bringing benefits in the battery life of mobile devices and computers. The novelty was discovered in the latest developer build.

In the last week, a bug was discovered that prevented extensions from working properly in Chrome, Edge and other browsers.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser today, despite its reputation for being very demanding on the operating system, but that could improve soon. The company has started testing a feature in the browser that will make a difference for users who use many tabs simultaneously.

Currently, Chrome allows pages to run JavaScript code once a minute when you haven’t interacted with it for five minutes, putting inactive tabs to go into “sleep” mode.

About Chromebooks has revealed a new feature in Chrome OS 105 (Dev Channel) that will change the time from 5 minutes to just 10 seconds, bringing a 10% improvement in CPU performance.

However, it is worth noting that this value does not mean that your battery will have a 10% increase, as the CPU is only a fraction of the total consumed by the battery. Despite this, it is possible that this value is significant, depending on how many tabs you use and the efficiency of the code of the websites you visit.

The functionality should arrive for all users in the coming months on all platforms, including Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. Other Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Opera will also be able to benefit from the novelty, with the former already having an efficiency mode that works in a similar way.

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