Gustavo Scarpa got it right with England football. In 2023, he will play for Nottingham Forrest. But he will stay at Palmeiras until the end of the year-Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

Gustavo Scarpa kept his word.

As the blog had anticipated, it will not be going to Europe this year.

He will stay at Palmeiras until the end of 2022, when his contract ends.

But he will fulfill his dream of playing in European football in 2023.

He and his managers closed a pre-contract with Nottingham Forest.

He signed an agreement with the English team for three and a half years.

The direction of Palmeiras has been trying since last year to extend the midfielder’s contract.

But Gustavo Scarpa was very sincere with the club’s management and, especially, with Abel Ferreira.

He wanted the experience of acting in Europe.

Even so, the Palmeiras leaders tried to hold him back by proposing a big increase in salary and gloves.

But Scarpa was firm.

I wanted Europe.

The traditional English club was in the second division.

As he managed to move up to the Premier League, he is investing heavily in building a great team.

At first, the British wanted Scarpa to perform now, in July.

They would try to negotiate a price for Palmeiras to release the player.

But Gustavo Scarpa warned that he didn’t want to.

He had given his word to the club that he would only leave at the end of 2022.

And Palmeiras would also do everything not to sell it.

But he couldn’t hold it.

From January, he will go to England.

The news was first reported by presenter Benjamin Back.

And confirmed with the blog.

The photo of Scarpa signing the pre-contract has already been released.

There are still five months left at Palestra Itália.

The Libertadores, the Copa do Brasil and the Brazilian.

Scarpa is very excited about going to the Premier League…

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